Ocean Slime 🐙

This summer I planned to do a little at home summer camp with Nova. We ended up being way too busy to complete most of the stuff I had planned!

The theme I was most excited about was the ocean one. When we got home today Nova asked if we could do some of the ocean themed stuff that’s in the craft room. She decided she wanted to make ocean slime and an ocean bottle.

We’ve made multiple different kinds of slime this year. Nova had seen some videos on YouTube of kids making slime with sea animals and asked us if we could make it too.

The recipe we use calls for Sta-Flo liquid starch. I couldn’t find any in town and it was outrageously expensive online. With my parents always travelling to the states they were able to find it down there in Walmart and brought us up a bunch of bottles. If you’re able to find a different type of liquid starch I don’t see why it wouldn’t work!

For this recipe you need liquid starch, Elmers glue (clear, white or glitter) and whatever you want to add into it. Whether it be food colouring, sparkles, confetti! Nova chose to add three different colors of sparkles to this batch.

I ordered Nova a pack of ocean animals awhile ago for this slime and she was SO excited to finally get to open them.

Firstly you dump in the entire bottle of glue (I recommend that you don’t use a good bowl for this one! We always use the same bowl and spatula). To get the last bit of glue inside the bottle just add a bit of water, shake up the bottle and dump it in with the glue.

I missed getting a picture of Nova putting the glue in because I had to put some water in the glue bottle for her.

Next she added in the sparkle packets.

Nova mixed the sparkles into the glue and I slowly added the liquid starch. As the slime starts to form it gets harder to mix around with the spatula and you’ll have to use your hands. This is where Nova gets me to take over because “her arms get tired”. I honestly don’t go by the recipe with this. I just keep adding liquid starch until it doesn’t stick to your hands anymore and all stays together in your hand.

TIP: If you add too much starch at once, the slime will break up a lot and becoming somewhat stringy, but just keep working it with your hands and it will reform again!

And there it is! She ended up adding all of her sea creatures and a bunch of shells to it.

TIP: If it starts to get sticky just add a bit of starch or put a bit on your hands. It’ll stop the slime from sticking! I also add a little bit if she hasn’t played with it for awhile. Just so it doesn’t stick to her hands (she doesn’t like that!)

Here is the recipe I originally started using. In my opinion it isn’t enough starch which is why I just keep adding it until I feel it’s ready to go! But go ahead and start off with the 1/4 cup, just be prepared to add more!

I also use these containers for storing the slime when she isn’t playing with them! They are stackable and don’t take up much space.

TIP: I always let Nova play with her plastic animals in her slimes. She has a full container of them and loves adding them into the slime to play. They come out easily for the most part and I always give them a good wash afterwards. I also have a large clear bin that I usually bring out so that she has more room to play without there being a mess.

TIP: Don’t let this get into any clothes or carpet! It is really difficult to get out!

There are also a lot of slime recipes out there that use borax. Personally I don’t use borax for anything other then the crystals we made. I’ve heard too many horror stories about borax, but it’s completely your call! I’ve heard a lot of schools and daycares use that kind but I just don’t want to try it myself.

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